Carti scrise de Carole Matthews

    Autoare britanica de succes si foarte populara, este faimoasa pentru romanele ei de comedie romantica. S-a nascut in St.Helens, Merseyside, Marea Britanie.

   A publicat 24 de romane si a aparut in Sunday Times si USA Today.

    Cel mai bine vandute carti au fost „Welcome To The Real World” si „Wrapped Up In You Have”. A aparut si in Romantic Novelist’s Association.

   A vandut peste 4 milioane de carti in intreaga lume si este publicata in 30 de tari. A fost nominalizata la The Festival Of Romance Of Fame pentru contributia sa marcanta la fictiune romantica.

   Locuieste impreuna cu partenerul ei Kevin.

  1. Let’s Meet on Platform 8 (1997)
  2. The Scent of Scandal (1998)
  3. More to Life Than This (1999)
  4. For Better, for Worse (2000)
  5. A Minor Indiscretion (2001)
  6. A Compromising Position (2002)
  7. The Sweetest Taboo (2003)
  8. A Whiff Of Scandal (2004)
  9. With or Without You (2004)
  10. Welcome to the Real World (2006)
  11. The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet (2007) Dieta iubitoarelor de ciocolata
  12. The Chocolate Lovers’ Club (2007)-Clubul iubitoarelor de ciocolata
  13. All You Need is Love ( 2008)
  14. It’s a Kind of Magic (2008)
  15. The Difference a Day Makes (2009)
  16. That Loving Feeling (2009)
  17. The Only Way Is Up (2010)
  18. It’s Now or Never (2010)
  19. Wrapped Up in You (2011)
  20. With Love at Christmas (2012)
  21. Summer Daydreams (2012)
  22. A Cottage by the Sea (2013)
  23. Calling Mrs Christmas
  24. A Place To Call Home (2014)


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